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Al Wshaq Marshaat

  • Product Code : 115
  • Main Category : Perfumes
  • Availability : In Stock
  • AED 150.00
  • AED 60.00

  • Inclusive of VAT
Al Wshaq Marshaat
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Al Wshaq Marshaat

  • Product Code : 115
  • Main Category : Perfumes
  • Availability : In Stock
  • AED 150.00
  • AED 60.00

  • Inclusive of VAT

Available Options

Saffron Noir
Cotton Candy
Neroli Morning
Baby John
Sea Breeze
Red Rose
Black Musk
3 -17%

Marshaat Al Washaq 500ml Contains:

Lavender: Created with the magic of a mixture of lavender blossoms to refresh the atmosphere of the place

Oud: made of the luxurious scent of oud mixed with a mixture of wonderful Arabic scents

Black Musk: The most exciting blend of musk features luscious layers of pink pepper, bergamot, and black musk

Daony: The floral notes of fruit and red berries combine with a subtle hint of peach

Jasmine: a sophisticated blend of nature's flowers to give a feeling of freshness with the fragrant scent of jasmine

Sea Breeze: refreshing with a refreshing sea breeze with the scent of green lemon and sweet soapy notes

Papaya: A tropical fruity fragrance with white flowers and a refreshing blend of papaya

Coconut: A spray rich in the aroma of warm coconut and vanilla with a magical formula mixed with Aloe Vera conditioner

Saffron Noir: Made of rich floral notes with saffron, vanilla, patchouli, and agarwood

Joydor: Contains a mixture of tangerine, sandalwood, bergamot, pear, apricot, patchouli, and musk.

Vanilla: A new formula with a wonderful blend of vanilla and musk for a different scent

Baby John: made with the scent of baby powder to give an unspeakable freshness and softness

Cotton Candy: Concentrated ingredients on ethyl maltol, sticky sugar, and powder

Cherry: Cherry syrup smells sweet and bitter. Cherries soaked in sweet syrup and bitter cherries from Amaretto Lake

BubbleGum: A nostalgic, childhood favorite of raspberry gum with sugary goodness

Pomegranate: Precious pomegranate seeds permeate this exotic citrus scent that is crisp and complex

Red Rose: The subtle, refreshing essence of deep red roses is exquisitely accentuated with cyclamen and wild hillside flowers.

Strawberry: Sweet and savory strawberries make this scent a real and fruity delight

Neroli Morning: A wildflower and hemp meadow is complemented by musk, vanilla, and softwoods

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